Maui Parasailing

Parasailing is available on Maui from May 16th - Dec. 14th. No parasailing is available during whale season.

Parasail in paradise … almost anyone can fly … young, old, single or in tandem (or even triple depending on body weights and wind conditions) … it's something for everyone to enjoy and experience. Absolutely no experience is necessary and there is nothing to learn … you just sit back and enjoy the ride. You begin your flight seated on the back deck of the boat … your harness is attached to the parasail, and as the boat begins to accelerate, you feel the vessel sliding out from underneath of you and WHOOOSH … off you go! The length of your flight is about 8-10 minutes of airtime. At the end of the ride the crew reels you in like a fish, and you land like a feather standing up on the back deck of the boat. The entire experience on the boat lasts approximately an hour as you watch others take their turn in the air. 

Prices are per person, and the per person rate is the same if you fly single or in tandem (or triple) with someone else. Anyone with neck or back injuries, a history of back problems, or pregnant women are not allowed to parasail or to be an observer on the boat.

West Maui Parasailing

Parasailing - Lahaina Harbor Rate

$150.00 per 1200 Flier, $85.00 per Observer
(Hawaii sales tax included)

Parasailing - Kaanapali Beach Rate

$150.00 per 1200 Flier, $85.00 per Observer
(Hawaii sales tax included)

West Maui Parasail now has two locations ... downtown Lahaina Harbor slip #15 AND from Kaanapali Beach under the yellow umbrellas near the Whaler's Village Shopping Center. Their minimum age to parasail is 6, and minimum age to be an observer on the boat is also 6. They restrict observers to one per boat. Flight time is approximately 8-10 minutes for the 1200' line. The minimum weight to fly solo is typically 150 pounds; the maximum combined weight for tandem flights is typically 450 pounds.



Kevin at Falls

What a weird sensation! Imagine yourself sitting on the back deck of a boat. You are wearing a harness ... behind you a parasail is already inflated. The staff clips you onto the line, and you hear the boat's engines power up. You feel the boat sliding out from underneath you ... and moments later the boat has disappeared and you are hovering over the water just a few feet from the surface. Out goes the line ... and away you go ... a giant kite against the horizon!

Parasailing has evolved into a highly safe art form. The take-off and landing both happens on the boat. When your ride concludes, they reel you in like a fish. You land gently on the back deck of the boat where your adventure began. If you want them to, they will add a free-fall effect during your ride. West Maui Parasail will let you fall until your feet hit the water.

Anyone can do it and there is no experience necessary and nothing to learn. Certain weight limits do apply ... see the details above for each tour company's guidelines. But keep in mind these are guidelines, and are subject to change at the captain's discretion based upon wind and ocean conditions.

West Maui parasailing boats hold 12 people, so larger groups can go together on one boat ... each boat is limited to a maximum of five flights so a party of 12 will need to do tandems and triples in order for everyone to fly during one timeslot on the same boat. One non-flying observer is allowed per boat at a rate slightly lower than parasailors.