Evening Shows on Maui

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'Ulalena at the Maui Theater

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Current Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. No show on Thanksgiving day.

"Wow!" - San Francisco Chronicle

"Spectacular theatrical sensation" - National Geographic

"Beautiful depiction of Hawaii's history" - New York Times

Produced by Arra-Montreal, this show has been proclaimed by critics as "...masterful, exhilarating and surprising." 'Ulalena is a fabulously unique live theatrical experience staged at the Maui Theatre in Lahaina. The 9.5 million dollar production is unique in Hawaii. Interwoven with original music, song, authentic Polynesian dance, acrobatics, and performed by an international cast,  'Ulalena artfully weaves together the powerful images of Hawaiian mythology and history into a celebration of nature and the spirit of human imagination. Would you like a sample of the show???  Click here to watch a video

Professional performers bring the images of Hawaii to life. Dazzling special effects, a breathtaking musical score, and intense individual and group performances make this show on that you shouldn't miss on your trip to Maui.

Hula and chants were used by ancient Hawaiians to pass legends and history from one generation to another. No luau show captures the way this artistry played out in everyday Hawaiian life the way this artful and intense performance has been able to do now for over 14 years. Dazzling special effects and a breathtaking musical score make 'Ulalena a performation a must-experience for a Hawaiian vacation.


Infants 2 and under are free for all packages but do not get their own seat

Diamond Level Seating: The very best section of seating in the house in rows 1 through 3 (first rows closest to the stage). Diamond seating has limited seats available! This experience includes VIP seating, exclusive access to the Diamond VIP lounge area, and dinner by the award-winning Poi by the Pound. The Luau dinner begins at 6:30pm in the Aloha Ballroom. The menu includes Hawaiian style kalua pork, barbecue teriyaki chicken, white rice, mixed green salad, macaroni salad, dinner rolls, and dessert.   Adults $114.99, Children (ages 3-12) $114.99 (plus 4.167% Hawaii sales tax)

Platinum Level Seating:  The front half of the theatre in rows 4-8. Adults $89.99, Children (ages 3-12) $54.99 (plus 4.167% Hawaii sales tax)

Gold Level Seating:  Mid level seating in rows 9-12. Adults $79.99, Children (ages 3-12) $44.99 (plus 4.167% Hawaii sales tax)

The Maui Theater does not assign specific seats at the time reservations are made; they are done a few days before the show date. The way to get the very best seats: 1) Reserve the Diamond seating in the theater and 2) Reserve your seats NOW and don't wait ... the sooner you reserve the better your seat will be when each show's seating chart is developed.

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Cruise Ship Clients

NCL cruise ship passengers in Kahului are not able to attend 'Ulalena as the theater is dark on Sunday evenings.

Lahaina cruise ship passengers can attend this show as long as your tender runs until at least 7:30pm. No transportation is needed as the theater is a 7 minute stroll from the cruise ship dock, with ample shopping opportunities along the way.

Warren & Annabelle's Magic Show

Guests must be 21 or older ... payment for this activity is processed at the time your reservation is made.

From the moment you step into the outer parlor, you realize that you are in for a special evening of mystery and amazement. Refreshing cocktails, island-style appetizers, and decadent desserts are available during the pre-show, which features the resident ghost Annabelle playing songs at your request on her grand piano. After relaxing and dining in the outer parlor, the show moves into the luxurious and intimate theater where the best of the evening awaits you. It is magic like you have never seen before. This is not the type of magic where people disappear and ladies get sawed in half ... this is close-up magic done with sleight of hand and misdirection. Sometimes magic is even done in the palm of your hand!

Warren Gibson, renowned magician and highly acclaimed showman, is the founder of Warren & Annabelle's and is frequently the evening's performer. We have seen his show many times and we enjoy him more each time ... his unique style of close-up magic, sense of humor, and southern hospitality is truly a special treat. Warren will keep you sitting on the edge of your seat ... he has a rare talent of making people laugh so hard that they cry. Don't be surprised if your sides are a little sore from prolonged laughter as you leave the theater!.

Warren frequently features guest magicians from around the country ... magicians like Dana Daniels, winner of the "Comedy Magician of the Year" award at Magic Castle in Hollywood ... John Shryock who is seen on the TV show "Masters of Illusion" ... Chris Blackmore has entertained thousands daily at Disney World... no matter who is appearing at Warren & Annabelle's you are in for a special evening of fun and amazement. Our guests consistently rate this as their most outstanding evening spent in the islands. Warren has performed numerous times for Arnold Schwarzenegger and his assessment sums it all up ... "He is the best there is!"

Warren & Annabelle's is available five nights a week ... Monday through Friday evenings. Parlor seating begins at 5:00pm ... and the show ends about 9:00pm.

Basic Admission: $71.88 (including tax) Admission to the show; you may order drinks, gourmet appetizers, and desserts a la carte off the menu.

Royal Flush Package: $119.79 (including tax) Admission to the show, two premium cocktails per person, a dinner-sized plate of gourmet appetizers per person, one of their killer desserts per person, and gratuity for your server. This is an exceptional value for a complete evening of dining and entertainment. Obviously this is the package we suggest.

Guests must be 21 or older ... because alcohol is served in the theater and checking ID's in that setting would disrupt the show, every guest is required to present ID at the door to verify age. The theater is kept rather cool, so sweaters and long pants are recommended. Payment for this activity is processed at the time your reservation is made ... Warren and Annabelle's requires payment in full for their show at the time a reservation is confirmed.


Cruise Ship Clients

NCL cruise ship passengers in Kahului are not able to attend Warren & Annabelle's as the theater is dark on Sunday evenings.

Lahaina cruise ship passengers can attend this show as long as your tender runs until at least 9:30pm. No transportation is needed as the theater is a 7 minute stroll from the cruise ship dock, with ample shopping opportunities along the way.


Kevin at Falls

People often ask me, "Which show is better?" My answer is, "That depends ... do you prefer lobster or filet mignon?" You really can't compare these two shows. They are as different as day and night. The thing that they have the most in common is that they are one block apart in Lahaina, and they both take place in the evening.

Warren & Annabelle's Magic Show is not just a fun evening ... it is without a doubt the most fun you will have on your entire vacation. You will laugh and you will be amazed. There is absolutely nothing Hawaiian about this show at all. Warren Gibson is one of the most talented close-up magicians in the world. His ability to manipulate the audience through timing and misdirection is impeccable. As we state above, this isn't the kind of magic where ladies get sawed in half. He does tricks right in people's hands and they can't tell when or how the magic happens ... it just HAPPENS! The theatre is small and intimate, you will get a great view anywhere you sit. The evening begins in Annabelle's parlor ... Annabelle is a ghost who happens to be an accomplished musician. Call out the title of a song, and she will begin playing it. Appetizers, cocktails, and desserts are sold in the parlor before the main show. Don't forget your ID ... this is not an adult show as far as content goes, but it is a nightclub and no one under 21 is admitted. I don't think there is anything in Hawaii that gets this level of personal recommendation from us. Trust us ... YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS SHOW!

Ulalena is wonderful ... the live music is done by an interesting collection of sticks and twigs and drums and flutes ... actually there are over 100 instruments used in this performance! The music gives me "chicken skin" (which is Hawaiian for goosebumps). This is artistic theatre ... well produced, and those of who appreciate the fine arts will love this show. By the way, it is completely different from a hula show that you will see at a luau. It is very similar to the Cirque du Soleil shows you will find in Vegas. The seating is a little funky at this theater ... you don't buy specific seats like you would a show on Broadway or Vegas. Your seats are reserved, but the actual seat assignments don't happen until a few days before the show. The sooner you make your initial reservation, the better your seats will be when they are assigned. And the way to guarantee that you have excellent seats is to go for their platinum package.