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Flyin Hawaiian Zipline


Tour Schedule: 5 Hour Tour at 7am, 10am or 1pm (7 days a week): $185 per person

(Minimum age for this tour is 10. Minimum weight is 75 pounds and maximum weight is 250 pounds. No one who is pregnant or who has neck or back injuries or cardiac conditions may participate. This tour is moderately strenuous; guests must be in good health and able to walk several hundred yards on uneven terrain and carry 10 pounds. All tours go out rain or shine; a minimum of 48 hours notice is required for cancellations or changes. All participants must sign a waiver of liability. Because of the remote location of the ziplines it is not possible for observers to go along on this tour. Everyone must zip.)

Maui's longest and highest and fastest zipline course, Flyin Hawaiian Zipline has raised the bar to new heights in every imagineable way. This brand new course offers eight zipline experiences, including the longest and most amazing ride in Hawaii on their grand finale line ... a staggering 3600 feet in length! That's over two-thirds of a mile ride on one single zipline! They have other really long lines too; their 2800 foot line is tied for the second longest line in Hawaii, and there are also lines of 2100 feet and 1900 feet.

Your tour begins at the Maui Tropical Plantation in the village of Waikapu, and the course ends in Maalaea a little over a mile from the Maui Ocean Center Aquarium and Maalaea Harbor. Their location in Central Maui makes it a convenient drive for guests staying in both South Maui and West Maui.

Following check-in, you will board a 4 wheel drive van which takes you up a dirt road through old sugar cane fields and inside the picturesque Waikapu Valley. The first line is a short 250 foot trainer line just a few feet off the ground, which is designed to familiarize guests with the equipment and to gain confidence in the zipping system before moving on to the really long, really high lines. Zipping is really quite easy; the guides are responsible for securing you in your harness and attaching your trolley to the line each time you zip. There is very little for you to do but to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Following the "trainer line" guests then board a six-seat ATV called a "ranger" which is driven by one of the guides. The ranger transports you to the top of the ridge on the south side of Waikapu Valley to the 1500 foot level. A short but moderately strenuous uphill trail leads to an observation deck where you look out and over the valley, and watch in amazement as one of your guides zips across the second line, which is 2800 feet in length, to a landing platform you can barely see on the other side. Before you know it, it's your turn and you are effortlessly flying through the air, soaring past the spires of the majestic West Maui Mountains.

Most zipline courses either cross back and forth over a gulch or they start at the top of a mountain and work their way down going back and forth. This course is different. You start at the top of a ridge, and sail across 11 ridges and 9 valleys during the tour working across the slopes of the West Maui Mountains from north to south. This second line crosses a very wide valley and lands on the next ridge. The third line starts on that ridge, and crosses the next valley, landing on the next ridge. The fourth line ... well ... you get the idea. This is not just an adventure ... it almost feels like a means of transportation!

After the seventh line, the eighth and final line comes into view. The distance this line covers is hard to believe; the landing platform on the other side of the 3600 feet of line is hard to even spot! This final line crosses close to the tops of three ridges which offers a great perspective on the speed you are traveling. The entire course offers stunning views of the West Maui Mountains, the Central Valley of Maui, Kahului Harbor and Maalaea Bay, and Halaeakala.

At the the conclusion of the final line another ATV ranger ride takes you down the mountain to a van which will return you to the check-in location a few miles away.


Flyin' Hawaiian Zipline is an extreme adventure, but it usually sells out weeks in advance so order this tour well before you arrive on Maui. For a more family-friendly course that takes kids as young as 5, see our Maui Zipline page.